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Barnesmore Back In Black

picture of dog
Registered Name: Barnesmore Back In Black
Breeder: Felicity Thompson
Owner: Felicity Thompson
Kennel: Barnesmore Kennels
Sire: Rushden Casts A Spell over Brackaghmoss
Dam: Barnesmore Summer Of Love
Call Name: Raven
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 22 AUG 2010
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: Germany
Colour: Black
Distinguishing Features: White Trim
Titles: Junior Ch
Known Offspring:
Abigail vom Usdauer Hof
Aidan vom Usdauer Hof
Ala Memoria di Philippo's Oliver
Ala Memoria di Philippo's Olivia
Ala Memoria di Philippo's Opium Noir
Ala Memoria di Philippo's Orlando
Ala Memoria di Philippo's Othello
Barnesmore Black Hawk
Barnesmore Black Jack
Barnesmore Winter Breeze
Caillean von Svantevit
Caspian von Svantevit
Chivan von Svantevit
Christian Louboutin von Svantevit
Clair de Jour von Svantevit
Crystal Noir von Svantevit
Falabella Sunny Funny
Faux Pas Sunny Funny
Fiat Panda Sunny Funny
Fittipaldi Sunny Funny
Flames Of Love Sunny Funny
Fleck In Black Sunny Funny
Fleur De Sante Sunny Funny
Flirtini Sunny Funny
Fred Come To Bed Sunny Funny
Fun Thomas Sunny Funny
Harropine Daggy
Harropine Dahlia
Harropine Dante
Harropine Daphne
Harropine Daydreamer
Harropine Desmond
Harropine Donna to Oelmuhle
Harropine Dressman
Harropine Easy Going
Harropine Echo
Harropine Eclipse
Harropine Elroy
Harropine Embassador
Harropine Emotion to Oelmühle
Harropine Esmerelda
Naomi C. of Gentle Mind
Nathanael von der Oelmühle
Nefertari of Gentle Mind
Negresso of Gentle Mind
Nepomuk von der Oelmühle
Nubia of Gentle Mind
Pitlochry's Ebony and Ivory
Pitlochry's Evelijn
Roke von der Wolfshöhle
Volar Blek Sharc Ramona
Volar Blek Sharc Ravena
Volar Blek Sharc Riana
Volar Blek Sharc Richard
Volar Blek Sharc Rona
Volar Blek Sharc Roxana
Barnesmore Court Jester male
Barnesmore Fire Wolf of Phinjani male
Barnesmore Little Spirit male
Barnesmore Make A Wish for Brackaghmoss female
Barnesmore Mister Magpie of Shikarah's male
Barnesmore Sioux female
Barnesmore Yin Yang female
Pedigree Analysis

Barnesmore Back In Black

Rushden Casts A Spell over Brackaghmoss

Gilnockie Black Magic

Peperone Pace-Setter at Gilnockie

Peperone Pennysylvania at Gilnockie

Rushden Hot Gossip

Khabaray Paco Rabbane at Dumbriton

Moirabank Shasta

Barnesmore Summer Of Love

Barnesmore Ace Of Spades

Painted Pony

Barnesmore Mercedes

Catchacre Tiger Lily of Barnesmore

Cobyco Cavalier

Barnesmore Indian Magik at Catchacre