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Irish Racer Brodwinek

picture of dog
Registered Name: Irish Racer Brodwinek
Breeder: Leonard Wawrzyniak
Owner: Leonard Wawrzyniak
Kennel: Brodwinek
Sire: Balifail Aretino
Dam: Gloria Victis Brodwinek
Call Name: Bary
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 13 MAY 2011
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Poland
Land of Standing: Poland
Size: 51 cm (20.08 inch)
Colour: Blue
Distinguishing Features: Myostatin Deficiency DNA Test N/N clear, Heart eximinated with Ultrasound and EKG: No signs of any cardiac disease
Titles: Champion International de Course, Champion of Poland, Poland Racing Champion, Winner Cup of Mazowsze 2012,2013, Winner CACIL Coursing WRC Phoenix Berlin D 2013, Winner Cup of Poznan 2013, Winner Grand Prix PL Bytom 2013, Winner of International Championship of Poznan 2014, Master of Jablonna 2015 CACIL, 3xCACIL, res.CACIL,6xCCW
Known Offspring:
Racing Name: Irish Racer Brodwinek
First and now only one InterChampion of coursing in Poland.

1 CAC National DogShow in Gdańsk 2013
1 CAC International DogShow Sopot 2012
1 CCW Coursing Champion of Mazowsze Warsaw 2012
3 Championship of Poland Bytom 2012
6 GrandPrix PL Minikowo 2012
1 CAC National dogshow Bydgoszcz PL The best dog whippet
1 CAC National Dogshow Lublin The best dog whippet
3 coursing Warsaw 2013
1 CACIL Coursing WRC Phoenix Berlin 2013
1 Grand Prix PL Bytom 2013
4 International Coursing Zehlendorf D
2 Championship PL 2013
2 Cup of Mazowsze
1 Cup Srem CCW
1 CACIL Interntional Championship of Poznan 2014
2 Championship of Mazowsze 2014
4 International GrandPrix PL
1 CACIL International coursing Warsaw 2015
Impala Brodwinek female
Indiana Brodwinek female
Indianapolis Brodwinek male
Isadora Brodwinek female
Isis Brodwinek female
Ivan Brodwinek male
Izabella Brodwinek female
Pedigree Analysis

Irish Racer Brodwinek

Balifail Aretino

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Binkie van de Spaarne Meute

Old Road's Rod
Rock'n'Roll Widow van de Spaarne Meute
Cat van de Spaarne Meute

Trs Grande Vitesse Surprise
Rock'n'Roll Widow van de Spaarne Meute

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Batman Supersonic

Qwerty el Kahal
Ostrya z Olomouckych Rovin

Athene of Champ's Runners

Gordon z Hedvabi
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Gloria Victis Brodwinek

Federico Brodwinek

Faithfull Prince Aviaticus


Dona Esmeralda Aviaticus

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Trs Grande Vitesse U'Mansell

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