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Koloratura Brodwinek

picture of dog
Registered Name: Koloratura Brodwinek
Breeder: Leonard Wawrzyniak
Owner: Natalia Bialokoz
Kennel: Brodwinek
Sire: Res Poloniae Gandalf
Dam: Gloria Victis Brodwinek
Call Name: Pepsi
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 15 SEP 2013
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Poland
Land of Standing:
Colour: Blue Brindle
Distinguishing Features: saddlemarked
Known Offspring:
Kadett Brodwinek male
Karla Brodwinek female
Kate Brodwinek female
Kayo Brodwinek male
Kendra Brodwinek female
Kent Brodwinek male
Koudy Brodwinek male
Lady Brodwinek
Lord Brodwinek male
Pedigree Analysis

Koloratura Brodwinek

Res Poloniae Gandalf
Res Poloniae FlintChereke Lad

Oochigea's Xuthe

Binkie van de Spaarne Meute

Daylight Supersonic

Gloria Victis Brodwinek

Federico Brodwinek

Faithfull Prince Aviaticus

Dona Esmeralda Aviaticus

Res Poloniae Avanti

Très Grande Vitesse U'Mansell

Daylight Supersonic