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Beseeka Knight Errant of Silkstone

picture of dog
Registered Name: Beseeka Knight Errant of Silkstone
Breeder: M & M (Mesdames) Lumb and Hughes
Owner: Anna Kartsounis
Gary Kartsounis
Roma E. Wright-Smith
Kennel: Beseeka
Sire: Oakbark Moonduster
Dam: Newbold Madelina
Call Name: Whisky
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 2 MAY 1973
Date of Death: 1988
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: South Africa
Colour: Blue brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: UK, SA & World Supreme Ch 1980
Known Offspring:
Almaglo Gerry
Ballagan Flibbertigibbet
Ballagan Knight Bird
Benjamin Hugh Almelo
Beseeka Salvador
Beseeka Sementina
Beseeka Simonetta
Beseeka Sweet Maid
Blue Fawn Silk
Bonaparte Smokey Knight
Brandy Bubbles of Zatasha
Cornwater Comet
Cumblin Melody
Cumblin Music
Danseeka Golden Oriole
Danseeka Ptarmigan Pyrren
Danseeka Silver Swift
Danseeka Terran Avocet
Demelza of Tamsmorna
Demoiselle of Puddledock
Eastonite Brindle
Eastonite Fritillary
Eastonite Grayling
Eastonite Marbled Blue
Eastonite Mazarine Blue
Eastonite The Admiral of Teighways
Eastonite The Comma
Eastonite The Emperor of Teighways
Fleet Foot Knight Errant
Flicker Star of Diamonds
Jubilant Lady of Tygreen and Lowerdon
Jukskeiriver Chinook
Jukskeiriver's Satin
Jukskeiriver's Velvet
Knight's Folly of Marandalaw
Lady Tarquin
Laguna Lascar
Lowerdon Arabella
Lowerdon Araminta
Lowerdon Carlotta
Lowerdon Cecilia
Lowerdon Knight Templar
Lowerdon Knight Templar
Lowerdon Marietta
Lowerdon Sibella
Penny Candy of Imaniz
Queens Knight At Lorreyn
Rainbow of Puddledock
Rajilla des Allèles
Rif des Allèles
Régulon des Allèles
Rétoria des Allèles
Scindia Earl
Scindia Echo
Scindia Elsa
Scindia Emperor
Scindia Extra
Secret Pleasure of Silkstone
Selebrity of Silkstone
Semele of Solotown
Shady Star of Puddledock
Shining Knight of Muirend
Silkstone Sea Symphony
Silkstone Star Appeal
Silkstone Starry Knight
Silver Streak of Sirius
Sparkle of Puddledock
Spearhead To Knight Errant
Starry Knight of Puddledock
Sunbeam of Puddledock
Sweet Tessa of Demerlay
Teighways Tapestry
Teighways Tip The Wink
The Lady Muffet of Ingworth
Toboggan of Trevelmond
Tula Errant Melody
Tula Firebird
Tula Giselle
Tula Valiant Knight
Tula's Kiss Me Kate
Tula's Valiant Knight
Under the ownership of Roma Wright DCC and BOB under Mrs. M. Sheffield, then first in the Hound group at Crufts on 7 February 1975, which included his crowining third CC earned on 25 October 1975. He became the top winning whippet in the UK in 1975 with 9 CCs, eight with BOB. Shown again at Crufts in open dog on 14 February 1976, he was thereafter exported to South Africa, as noted in the KCSB breed records supplement of April 1977 under the ownership of his breeder and Mr. Gary Kartsounis., where he was awarded SA Ch status in July 1977.
Beseeka Katrina female
Beseeka Kilnshaw male
Beseeka Kingfisher male
Beseeka Kinsman male
Beseeka Kirk male
Beseeka Kirsty female
Beseeka Knave male
Beseeka Night Enchantress female
Beseeka Nobleman male
Beseeka Noon Day Sun male
Beseeka Pacesetter male
Beseeka Paulina female
Beseeka Portia female
Beseeka Portrait Of A Lady female
Beseeka Princess Pearl female
Beseeka Prudence female
Pedigree Analysis

Beseeka Knight Errant of Silkstone

Oakbark Moonduster

Flarepath Tambillo Tarquin

Ravensdowne Bright Star

Ballagan Shining Star
Oakbark Ballerina

Samarkands Sun Courtier
Laguna Lynda (1964)
Newbold Madelina

Ravensdowne Bright Star
Trevelmond Starsign

Samarkands Sea Nymph

Newbold Samena Queen O'Diamonds
Samena King O' Diamonds
Snowden Fawn