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Dreams Burnin Down The House

picture of dog
Registered Name: Dreams Burnin Down The House
Breeder: Jeffrey W. Bradley
Jeffrey W. Bradley II
Owner: Patrick Swank
Debra Swank
Sire: Ringdove Lucca
Dam: Mystical Mirage
Call Name: Cinder
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 26 MAY 2000
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Size: 53.98 cm (21.25 inch)
Weight: 14.51 kg (31.99 pound)
Colour: Red Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: RCH
Known Offspring:
Dreams Apache Tears male
Dreams Concho Pearl male
Dreams Moon Over Oberon female
Dreams Mystical Illusion female
Dreams On the Sofa female
Pedigree Analysis

Dreams Burnin Down The House
Ringdove Lucca

Ringdove Black Adder

Flyer of the Crackerjacks
Ringdove Quilchena

Ringdove Hot Pursuit
Regalstock Ninja
Ringdove Quorn

Mystical Mirage

Shady Character

Tom Terrific

Lyth Watney
Lyth Windle

Lyth Djon

WR's Crystal Summer Energy